In my singleplayer game My problem is that my one of my enemy a.i actor won't go to the goal

that i placed for him. the player triggers 3 bad guys who ride in a

russian uaz jeep the 3rd guy is suppose to get out and go right to his

goal node but he sits there[smilie=confused][/smilie]

There are plenty of path nodes spread about and i tested one of my hero

to go to that goal node and he does without any problems. so it's not a

pathfinding issue. perhaps vehicle spawn group have that problem?

Connect_path is checked mark in the level compiling option and i double

checked the spelling in my map scripts


iprintln("i move to inside housa");

level.house_guy = getent( "house_guy", "script_noteworthy" );/////the

bad guy
level.house_guy setgoalnode (getnode("house_guy_point1",

"targetname"));///// he not going to this.
level.house_guy.bravery = 50000 ;
level.house_guy.goalradius = 12;

please help!