My handle is Shartnado, and some of you olde timers might recall me as Old Geezer Dude. Anyway, I am one of the founders of the OHMY CTF clan. We only play COD2 and 98% of the time it's CTF. We are a family-oriented server, so no profanity is permitted. We have a great crew of all ages and we usually have 20 or so on in the afternoons and early evenings. We like to keep the rotations fresh, and that is why I'm here.

I'm trying to get a few maps for my group, but am having some issues. I bought the $25 subscription, but it has not been activated I guess. How long does this normally take?

I invite any and all of you to come visit us; we are a lot of fun.

Cheers to COD2 and keeping it alive and strong.