For the 2nd time in about a year, activision have broken the master servers list for cod4.
This makes it impossible for random players to see your server on internet list.
The only way of connecting is via console (if they know your ip) or if they already have your server in favorite list.

Last year i alerted @pcdev (when he was with activision), and he alerted the proper department that dealt with a fix..eventually

However this problem has re-occurred, ive tweeted to on twitter.
Altho various people manage this account i have been told it is being delt with by one admin, and another requested images of the problem.

I urge all who still run servers or play on cod4 servers to reach out to activision, either their forums( i'm banned from them lol)
or via twitter or another medium.

Without the master servers list cod4 will die ( which is what i think they are trying to do ).
but we can fight this and demand action,
it is their duty to host a master servers list for the cod4 games we have bought from them.