Subject = mp_glossi7

There is a problem with the Allies flag in ctf.
The Allied flag is invisible and also appears to share the same space as another entity/model which a player can collide with.

I tested this map with the eXtreme+ mod v2.6, v2.7 and v2.8 also the AWE v3.4, PAM v2.03b and a stock server.
The only servers where the Allied flag was visible was the eXtreme+ modded servers.

We use the eXtreme+ mod, and from v2.6 upward, this mod contains code which allows for invisible flags to be shown, as this is/was not an uncommon occurrence.

Allied Flag on eXtreme+ server

Flag taken

Allied Flag on stock server

Flag taken

Allied Flag on PAM server

Flag taken

Allied Flag on AWE server

Flag taken

Utilizing some scripting which we have for our server, I moved the Allied flag to a new position to see what happened with the other entity/model.
As you can see, the other enity/model remains at the location that the Allied flag had occupied.

I believe that this other entity/model has been mistakenly placed at the Allies flag base, if not, it or the Allied flag should be moved to seperate these 2 items.

The map itself has a nice layout and should allow for some good gameplay.
I had a quick look at dm, tdm & sd and these gametypes appeared to play without problems.

Other improvements that would further enhance this map are....
The inclusion of a loadscreen.
The inclusion of ambient sound, which would have helped to convey the atmosphere that this map was trying to portray.

I thank the mapper for keeping CoD2 fresh with this new map and hope that the issues above can be fixed and look forward to an updated version.