Hello Codutility members and guests.

I would like like to start this post off by saying we are still proud to be sponsoring codutility and we hope to continue doing this for many many more months and years to come.

We have a Few Deals going on right now that I'd like to bring to everyone's attention.

Minecraft servers are normally $10 a GB, but for our Dallas location if you use the promocode MCSPECIAL you get 30% off which brings the price per GB down to $7 a GB!

You can get 10% off all servers for the life time of the server with the promocode ENDSUM

Just because codutility has been so nice to us over the past few months we have raised the Codutility promocode to 15% off for 6 months! The promocode is CODU

We are also having a game giveaway at the end of August. We will be having a huge sale in August that will be only for those who like our Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter. To view more details on that please go to the link below

We have expanded from the United States into Germany bringing our total server location count to 4. Chicago Illinois, Dallas Texas, New York New York, and Frankfurt Germany.

For those that do not know we offer 100% account credit for referrals. You can read up on this more here

We have also upgraded our website last month. We changed the entire website template around, right now we are currently working on a new gameserver page, one that looks more professional. Should be ready by the end of July to mod August at the latest.

We could not of done this without our loyal customers and without the support of codutility.


Thank you everyone and have a great day!
Clanoutpost Gameservers