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I've downloaded 3 maps. When I tried to download another one it says I've exceeded my download amount for the day.

Unfortunately we had to add limitations due to mass downloading ( to enlarge other sites databases ).
Regular Users are limited to 3 download per 24hrs.

I'm trying to download a map from your website and all I get is that I've exceeded my download amount, but the problem is I downloaded only 1 map today.

Each time you click the download button it counts for 1 download.
If you double-click the button it counts for 2.
If you stop a download in progress it will count for 1.

Why do I have to pay to download maps?

Downloading maps always been and will always be free on Codutility.
Supporting, subscribing to Codutility grant you more accesses/permissions/downloads.

I created another account to download more.

This is a very bad idea. Its against site's rules.
The security system will catch you and ban both accounts, the new one, the actual one and whatever the other accounts you will create.
Its a life time ban.

I'm looking for prefabs, models but I can't see/find them.

Prefabs and Models are reserved to mappers and Mod Creators.
If you are not in this category you don't have access to this part of the site.
This includes the Prefabs/Models section of the Forum.

I'm a mapper but my status is Registered Users so I don't have access to Prefabs/Models. How I can change that?

If you are not " tagged " as a mapper its because you never submitted a map of your own to Codutility.
Note: A map is not a square terrain with walls and few wood crates.

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