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FPSUtility/CoDUtility FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

I didn't received the validation email.

Be sure to check in your spam mail. Also you need a valid email to register to Codutility.

Why can I download only 1 file?

You have surely entered false infos in your profile when you registered.
Birthday date, valid email and country are mandatory.

I just registered and I got banned, why?

In rare occasion you will be banned, but:

If you already have an account on Codutility, creating another one will get you ban. This is an automatic process.

Don't bother to change your IP, delete your cookies or whatever. The security will catch you.

The security system is checking for the infos you filled ( Ips, ISPs, emails, country, etc ), if you added wrong, false infos, the system will ban you and delete your account.

I'm trying to register but it says its denied because I'm a spammer.

The security system is checking for IPs, ISPs, emails and names that are " tagged " as spammers in a special database.
If you are not a spammer, try to use another username.

I was registered on the old site. I tried to log in on the new site but it appears that my username and password are not being accepted.

Not all accounts have been transferred.
Only very active users accounts so far.
If you were registered on the old site, just use the Contact Us feature and give your infos.
Your account will be transferred.
Or, create a new one.
If you find your username, use the "Lost Password Feature " to create a new password.
The email will be the same as the one on the old site.

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