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  • DICE Tries To Put End To Battlefield 3 Controversy, Sends One Last Message To Gamers

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    Last Thursday on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was supposed to be a time of jubilee for DICE, the makers of Battlefield 3, and gamers alike. But what first was an awesome show, turned into a controversy between console and PC fans, with certain PS3 owners expressing disappointment with the quality of the PS3 footage shown on the show. Even Xbox 360 was brought in the mix and DICE has rarely said anything concerning said platform.
    DICEs Rendering Architect Johan Andersson has had enough. Hes about to stop talking about the game in full on twitter, but before he leaves, one last message must be relayed.
    To reaffirm, we are optimizing #bf3 for _all_ platforms to take advantage of their resp. strengths & create an awesome shooter experience, he said on twitter.
    Andersson was really put off by an article from Examiner titled: DICE Favoring Xbox on Consoles After Cursing Out PS3 Fans. In fact, Andersson was so displeased with the thread, he expressed it through a tweet: Omg, he didnt even post the tweet I was replying to. sigh.
    To close, the developer said hell be taking a hiatus from talking Battlefield 3 on twitter, adding: I love talking directly to gamers, but too many troll journalists out there so think Ill have to shut up about #bf3 details for now, bye.
    Hopefully this puts an end to the controversy.
    Video Thirst: The Battlefield 3 PS3 Footage At Center Of Controversy
    The shooter comes out worldwide on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 October 25th.

    Ref: http://www.gamesthirst.com/