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Fred PerrySWE
January 2nd, 2012, 04:03
Hi all
If anyone know some good custommaps server for Cod4 please type them down here.

January 2nd, 2012, 13:21 (http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

January 2nd, 2012, 13:56

Currently running over 100 custom maps (not all maps available at all times)

January 2nd, 2012, 17:56
We run a custom/stock mixed server and try to keep a good rotation of maps and change them often. We run some home made maps by myself and try to give new map releases a test to guage peoples views on them. Those that are liked are put into our current cycle.

You can find our 32 slot server at for more info visit blue-zone.co.uk


January 17th, 2012, 16:10
Custom Made {BHC}Rangers MW2 Modv5 By Hacker22

Weapons Are.

Grenadier Class.
MW2 M16 Assault Rifle Working attatchments,GL(BLING BLING), Silencer(BLING), Acog,Reflex
MW2 M4A1 Assault Rifle Working attatchments,GL(BLING BLING), Silencer(BLING), Acog,Reflex
MW2 AK47 Assault Rifle (Working attatchments,GL(BLING BLING), Silencer(BLING),Acog,Reflex
MW2 Bushmaster ACR Assault Rifle (Working attatchments,GL(BLING BLING), Silencer(BLING),Acog,Reflex
MW2 Scar H Assault Rifle (Working attatchments,GL(BLING BLING), Silencer(BLING),Acog,Reflex
Tar21 Assault Rifle (Working attatchments,GL(BLING BLING), Silencer,Acog,Reflex)
XR2 Assault Rifle (Working attatchments, Select No Att., Comes (BLING)silenced + Reflex
(BLING BLING) = GL + Silencer + Reflex On Assault weapons
(BLING) = Silencer + Reflex On Assault weapons

First Recon Class.
MW2 UMP45 SMG (Working attatchments, Silencer(BLING),Reflex)
MW2 MP5K SMG(Working attatchments, Silencer,Reflex)
MW2 TMP SMG(Working attatchments, Silencer,Reflex)
MW2 Kriss Vector SMG(Working attatchments, Silencer(BLING),Reflex)
Feline SMG (Crysis 2)(Working attatchments, Silencer,Reflex)
BLING = silencer + Reflex on weapon

Overwatch Class.
MW2 L86-LSW (working attatchment,grip, acog,reflex)
MW2 RPD (working attatchment,grip, acog,reflex)
MW2 M240 (working attatchment,grip, acog,reflex)

Close Quarters Class.
Long Double Barrelled shotgun (Short Version when with Attatchments)
MW2 Spas 12 (working attatchments, grip,reflex)

Scout Sniper Class.
BF2 M24 Sniper Rifle (working attatchment, acog)
MW2 M14EBR Sniper Rifle (working attatchment, acog)(now silenced)
Dragunov Sniper Rifle (working attatchment, acog)
MW2 Intervention Sniper Rifle (working attatchment, acog)
50.cal Sniper Rifle (working attatchment, acog)

Crossbow replaces c4,AT4 rocket Launcher, Care Packages
Sentry Gun,Harriers, C.E.L.L. Gunship(Crysis 2)
as well as Naplam and Nuke strikes and
the AC130 Gunship
also added custom skins for 50.cal,(just select cammo-none in menu)
and custom surpressor, skin, all thanks to zelimper's skin downloads
Cammo skins on mw2 type weapons, big thanks to {BHC}Ze Limper for all your hard work

Available Killstreaks
uav@3 Killstreaks
C.E.L.L. Gunship(Flyable) @ 7
MW2 Sentry Gun@10
Attack Harriers@14 "
Care Package@16 "Random Killstreak Awarded from C.E.L.L. Gunship,Sentry,Napalm, Ammo box.
Napalm Airstrike @ 18 "
Ac130 Gunship@ 24 " (flyable Ac130)
Tactical Nuke (wins Map!!) @41 "

Blood Splat When You Die.

MW2 Player Models
TF 141
Grenadier - Ghost
First Recon - Soap
Overwatch - Price

Shadow Company/Spetsnaz
Grenadier - Spetsnaz Russian
Overwatch - Juggernaught

Overwatch - U.S.Ranger
Close Quarters - U.S.Ranger

Shadow Company / Opfor
Overwatch - Shadow Company
Close Quarters - Shadow Company

We Have Custom {BHC}Marine Skins (Based On Movie, Black Hawk Down)
We Have Custom {BHC}SAS Skins

server ip

January 17th, 2012, 16:14
for list of modmaps used on above server ip
go to http://www.bhc-rangers.com/addons/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?105

January 19th, 2012, 08:41
Mein Liebster:

FoWBoldsModMaps (Only Sniper)

Die Leute die dort spielen sind einfach nur alle gut drauf!!

February 20th, 2012, 17:22

If you check out my site at www.diehards-hq.co.uk you will find a link to the Modern Warfare section. On there are 30 -35 Multi-Clan MW servers - 14 of those are custom servers. (Three of those are in the posts above :) )

Hope you find it useful

February 20th, 2012, 22:00
-=AGX=- OpenWarfare Hardcore Search & Destroy

Always open to the public
All custom maps
Every Sat night 9:30 EST We have an open to public scrim - open to all - hop on our TS - we usually play 3 custom maps divided into separate teams - Good Times