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November 20th, 2011, 10:58
Hi guys

Can you copy your map rotation here please. I made this rotation, but it's playing randomly instead of playing in the order i made it, what did i do wrong?

mp_alpha, TDM_default,1
mp_bootleg, DOM_default,1
mp_bravo, TDM_default,1
mp_carbon, TDM_default,1
mp_dome, TDM_default,1
mp_exchange, CTF_default,1
mp_hardhat, TDM_default,1
mp_interchange, TDM_default,1
mp_lambeth, TDM_default,1
mp_mogadishu, TDM_default,1
mp_paris, KC_default,1
mp_plaza2, TDM_default,1
mp_radar, TDM_default,1
mp_seatown, TDM_default,1
mp_underground, CTF_default,1
mp_village, TDM_default,1


November 21st, 2011, 02:45
You've done nothing wrong. From what I gather, there is no way to prevent the random map rotation.

November 21st, 2011, 04:05
maybe having only one gametype eneabled would mean a set rotation, probably not tho, also you can increase the value of a gametype to make it more prevelant

we have kc/tdm/tdef as gametypes with all maps available, with unlimited score, and 20 mins playtime. I personally like random maps changes, i think it keeps things fresh..

this is ours:

///////////Modern Warfare 3 dedicated server default playlist//////////////

//format is
//<mapname>, <dsr filename>, <weight>

//valid mapnames:
//<dlc maps> (included under '*')

//dsr filename
//name of recipe file without the dsr extension
//included in this package are the following recipe defaults:
//TDM_default (Team Deathmatch)
//KC_default (Kill Confirmed)
//TDEF_default (Team Defender)

// Weight (1->1000)
// Selection is weighted random (higher weights increase selection chance)


November 21st, 2011, 09:24
Thanks guys I'll try that.

Also i wrote to Gameservers to know how to set our server Hardcore, here the answer they give me.

From your config section in your members area, select the type of game you are playing such as TDM, FFA, etc. Once in that config add
gameOpt commonOption.hardcoreModeOn "1" // [ 0, 1 ]

This will enable hardcore mode.
We did that, and nobody saw any difference at all while playing, so if it work the difference most be very small. Anyhow if you have it set Hardcore and it's working let us know.


November 21st, 2011, 13:30
In each gametype ie tdm, kc.hq etc.. you need to enable hc (like you said) but this has to be done on each gametype you use...
we have two servers , one set as sc one as hc, both are set as default.dspl posted, but hc is enabled in gametyes kc/tdm and tdef, on the hc server, and yes it works fine, only annoying part is the 10 sec respawn, which doesnt seem to be able to alter, even using 5 sec, and 7.5 sec settings..

April 24th, 2012, 13:37
you could try this or something similar

set random_mapRotaion "0"

no tentirely sure a si havent worked with mw3 but seen it on a furum somewhere