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September 3rd, 2009, 00:34
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Creator: MelVin

Gametypes: DM, TDM, SD, HQ, DOM, SAB, CTF, TWAR (ASS, GG, CH in NAM:WAW)

Description: The first deadly encounter began on the afternoon of September 7, when volleys of rockets and artillery slammed into the Marine positions. Waves of NVA infantry closely followed, threatening to overrun the embattled leathernecks. Three understrength companies India, Kilo and Mike, battled elements of the NVA 812th Regiment throughout the long night. Finally, toward morning the fighting tapered off and the NVA withdrew to lick their wounds.The haggard Marine survivors emerged from their fighting positions to find a battlefield littered with more than 100 NVA bodies. The struggle had not been without cost; 20 Marines had been killed in action, while another 70 were wounded.

http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/4893/shot0001oh.jpg (http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/4893/shot0001oh.jpg)

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