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November 6th, 2011, 23:54
I need to precache a custom weapon (not a stock weapon name) and was wondering if anyone might know the proper code I need to use. I have a custom weapon, but can't call up the weapon file in game, and from what I can find out is that it needs to be precached, and I can't seem to find the code for COD5.


It never fails, I post for help and figure it out a minute later.

line in map gsc:


line for map csv:

i had: weapon,grenade_blaster_mp

but should of had


forgot the mp directory...

Yay weapon animation!

November 7th, 2011, 00:55
http://www.codutility.com/images/icones/number-one-45.gif In your _weapons.gsc near the top:

precacheItem( "grenade_blaster_mp" );