View Full Version : looks like GSP hosted servers are confirmed

October 30th, 2011, 05:26
i posted this info on official mw3 forums , posting here to spread the happy news xd

Quote :
{bhc}max|co wrote:

been looking on twitter and found this

(now ive been asking about dedis every day to rb,gs,mc and da) without much success

but looks like first signs of confirmed gsp ability to host servers

these questions are from John Maguire to Michael Condrey (Sledgehammer) on twitter

Q1. Are server files stand alone?

A. Yes

Q2.Does steam have to be running in order for dedicated server to run?

A. No

Q3.Can multiple servers run from 1 dedi box? or is it just one instance?

A. Yes. multiple per

Q4. Is there an admin option for ranks/progression to be enabled on server?

A. no answer

on Q4. this was posted yesterday by rb.

@D2ultima Admins can enable progression or set ranks, but user dedicated servers at this time are only unranked. Public matches are ranked.

If all this holds true then i'm very happily surprised, and glad my opinion on dedis was wrong xD