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November 12th, 2009, 05:37

Since it has taken me several days to figure out how to get a dedicated Linux CoDWaW server with custom maps up and running, I would like to share how to do it with the world.

(I'm pretty sure the below is valid also for CoD4 in general, but since I am running CoDWaW, I know for sure it is working for that.)

I assume you have already installed your Linux box (I am running Ubuntu 9.10), and that you have an installed retail copy of CoDWaW installed on Windows.

1. Get the latest Linux server distribution: codwaw-lnxded-1.6-09142009.tar.bz2 (http://mirror.gunah.org:8080/cod/cod5/codwaw-lnxded-1.6-09142009.tar.bz2) (Use Google or this link.)
You can use a command to download directly from your Linux prompt:
sudo wget http://mirror.gunah.org:8080/cod/cod5/codwaw-lnxded-1.6-09142009.tar.bz2

2. Follow the installation instructions in the included README-linux.txt to install the server and PunkBuster.

This is an extract of the README-linux.txt: (Suggestion: install in /opt/cod5)

Installation From Scratch

- Get the retail Call of Duty: World at War(tm) disc(s) (there may be
multiple discs depending on what edition of the game you have obtained, or
perhaps a single DVD-ROM disc). You may also use the data files from a copy
of the game purchased via Steam(tm).
- Install the game on Windows.
- Copy the installed game to your Linux system. Final installation size is
around 6.8 gigabytes.
- Please make sure you transfer the data as BINARY and not TEXT or ASCII if
you use the FTP protocol to upload the files!
- Unpack this archive in the root of the newly-copied tree, so
"codwaw_lnxded" is in the same directory as "localization.txt". Unlike the
original Call of Duty(tm), there are not seperate .so files like
"game.mp.i386.so", so don't be concerned when you don't see them.
Files such as main/iw_12.iwd need to go into the correct subdirectories;
make sure they don't lose the path information and all copy into the base

- OPTIONAL: Install PunkBuster:

mkdir -p $HOME/.codwaw
./pbsetup.run -e
./pbsetup.run --add-game=waw --add-game-path=$HOME/.codwaw
./pbsetup.run -u

You will need to agree to the PunkBuster license before you may install it.
This will download the latest version of the Punkbuster software to your
Linux server, so you need an Internet connection.

- Now, run the server:
cd /where/i/copied/codwaw

- When you see "--- Common Initialization Complete ---", the game
server has started, but you need to start a map before the server will
accept connections. At this point, type:

map mp_castle

("mp_castle" being a given map's name).

- Now you should see your server in the in-game browser..

3. Download your favorite mod. I didn't have a clue which one to use,
but the ACE mod had by far the best Linux installation instructions so
that was the one I picked. There are several others, including
OpenWarfare and C5 mod. I'm sure they are installed in a similar
way like ACE. The best location I found for different mod discussions
and downloads are here.

4. Follow the instructions in the included documentation. The basic guidelines are:

4.1 Where the CoDWaW "main" directory is, create the directories "mods" and "usermaps".
4.2 In mods, create a subdirectory uniquely naming the mod you are about to install (e.g. mods/ace12).
4.3 Extract the mod files into the newly created directory
4.4 Put all custom map directories under the usermaps directory.
Move any .iwd files from the custom map to the mods/ace12 directory.
4.5 Configure all .cfg files to your liking

Here's a (abbreviated and modified) excerpt from the excellent
ACE 5.6 installation guide:

In your servers COD5 installation folder, typically
is where the "mods" folder is located. In this folder create a new
directory. This will be your mod folder (aka "fs_game" folder).
Try to avoid obvious folder names, like ace, fs_game, or mod. Be
creative, but keep it short and simple.
The entire path to you mod folder in this example would now be:
Where ace12 is your created mod folder (you should change ace12
to whatever name you want!).

Unzip the package (ACE-Mod5.6.zip) to an empty temporary folder.
Then copy and paste the mod.ff file, z_ace5.6.iwd, codserver.cfg
and configs folder to your mod folder.

Startup your server running the mod with (example!)

./codwaw_lnxded +set ttycon 0 +set fs_game mods/ace12 +sets
gamestartup \"`date +"%D %T"`\" +set dedicated 0
+set net_ip +set net_port 28960 +exec codserver.cfg
+set sv_punkbuster 1 +map_rotate >/dev/null 2>&1 &

Follow the tips in the installation guide carefully, especially the part about basic server settings and all the different config files.

It is great if you have your own web server, or a web hotel where you can upload mod files and usermaps for download redirection, since the users who will be playing on your server will need to get the mod files and usermaps from you somehow. If you have a download redirect server, this is done automatically from each client.

5. Configure, configure, configure, tweak, download maps and test. The best map repository I have found, with user ratings and comments, is right here at Codutility.com (http://www.codutility.com/index.php?file=Page&name=Latest_CoD5_Maps)

6. Have fun

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but hopefully someone will be kind enough to point it out to me then. ;-)

November 13th, 2009, 14:06
Thanks a lot for that http://www.codutility.com/images/icones/bravo.gif http://www.codutility.com/images/icones/champion-1er.gif