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May 27th, 2014, 15:13
Hello folks,

I really love CoD2 and CoD4, and that is why I am going to spend a total of €20-€120 on prizes for the best CoD2 and CoD4 Map makers)

What is happening?:
- You are to create something special, a map that will last forever. A map that is beautiful.

Call of Duty 2:
- I personally think the map CoD2 Commando 1.1 and CoD2 Operation Weserübung are beautiful maps.
COD2 BEAUTIFUL MAP:: http://nadfserver.org/map/commando-call-of-duty-2-cod2

What to do?:
- Get a good nights sleep, take fish oil ,eat a massive breakfast and have loads of coffee !!!
[+] -> Come up with concepts,ideas,etc. (first plan your map). also, maybe even base it on a real place if that helps you (in general plan it out first). also, make a map that LOOKS and FEELS beautiful.

- I will have in real life prizes, if you want it sent in real life and over the internet prizes too !!!
ALSO, focus on making the map. MAKE IT one of these maps THAT YOU CHOOSE THE NAME AND ADD YOUR CREDITS, and forever every CoD player will remember you and your map, because the map is so god awesome.
Like the commando map posted above !!!!

Can't wait, this will be great.

The compeition ends in a couple of months, and extended months can be added for map makers that are still working hard on their map.