View Full Version : Have a small clan and want to merge with us?

February 28th, 2011, 07:54
If you have a small clan, and want to merge into a clan, visit us at www.clantoolz.com/lcgsquadextreme (http://www.clantoolz.com/lcgsquadextreme) we play COD2 and COD UO...servers are up and running...have a website,forums,servers and a nice community for gaming nightly....used to have around 40 members, but closed down 3 months ago..but now we have re=opened and ready to play again...we have gone back "old school" with the COD2 and COD UO servers...The clan drifted apart by newer games being played by some and most didnt have newer pc's to run the newer games...If you have a small clan, and like "old school" gaming...check us out...