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  1. 1St-Rangers
  2. Serveur |[FR]| OW2 1.3b by Sledgehammer
  3. {BHC}Rangers X4 MW2 custom Clan made Mod Server
  4. [MagisteriumWoW] 3.3.5 Blizzlike High Rates WoW Private Server
  5. Diehards-hq.co.uk looking for great servers
  6. NEW: Open Warfare -=NsK=- Sniper Server
  7. Currahee!
  8. [omg]
  9. Hi Guys From -MR- clan
  10. STW Clan - Star Trek Warriors CoD 4 Server
  11. {AOW} All Out War Clan
  12. The 9th Legion Clan Recruiting
  13. Call of Duty 4 Tactical Community
  14. Hi All from -|DeD|- Clan
  15. Tactical Security Forces
  16. {SBZ} StonerBoyz Clan
  17. Hi all from -=BluE-ZonE=-
  18. German Community www.callofdutyplayers.de
  19. {GITS} - G.I. Tactical Squad
  20. Clan =]T)c(L[= CoD Uo
  21. ->Allied War Machine<- Welcome to the Machine
  22. |BCS| Bonecrushers
  23. -=AGX=- Adult Gaming eXperience
  24. GrumpyGamers
  25. [509th] Tactical
  26. Introducing =103= clan
  27. Greetings from the SCS Clan
  28. [OSG} oldeschoolgamers
  29. The Screaming Eagles Clan
  30. Hello from the Euro Rebel Squad
  31. {N2N} 3 Years and still kickin :)
  32. XK Xtremekillerz.com Adult Server
  33. hi from the ATI league
  34. Quebec xXx HC SD Leagues
  35. Hi all From [BHD] Clan
  36. HArdcore Rotu2.1 Special
  37. -=AGX=- MoH Warfighter Server up!
  38. Hello from [UTUM] Tactical MOD server (CoD4)
  39. MW3 Gametypes
  40. {F4H} new clan
  41. Rotu2.1 Special "got to come by if you dare!"
  42. FRITZMODS 420th!
  43. =OSC=Tactical Cod2 Server
  44. *=]T)c(L[= servern
  45. Hello to All From No Mercy Gamers
  46. SnD /w Custom Maps...
  47. Hello Girls, Guys and Gamers «RG»BMF Here from RGCLAN.NET
  48. Another eXtreme+ Mod Update from {NADF}
  49. Awesome Server
  50. 105th Special Tactics Squad
  51. Scouts and Raiders Clan (SnR)
  52. PoW| Prisoners Of War
  53. New cod4 zombie server!!! (rebooted EHD zombies by Seven)
  54. New COD4, Hardcore CTF server...
  55. New CoD4 Ranked Server with Custom Maps!
  56. {BHS} Brutal Hungarian Snipers CoD4
  57. Modern Warfare 2 v1.3 - Modern Weapons, Account System, Shopping, PerksClaymore,AC13O
  58. L&L* Lock and Load Clan
  59. Looking for some fun on Saturday Nights?
  60. new cod4 server !
  61. CoD survivors
  62. Clan =TcL=
  63. {AOW} All Out War clan Servers
  64. =[JFF]= Just For Fun Gaming
  65. Rebels At War Call of Duty World At War Bolts Only Crouch Server
  66. =([ISDP])= Call of Duty United Offensive Server - All Welcome.