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    Hey mate, yeah our ip is but its set to private, we use to play 5vs5 or more, catch us with steam and we can make up a scrim

    CoD survivors

    Rullo Yesterday, 14:59 Go to last post

    Hey Melvin....................................... where's that video man, it's been a long day or 2 lol

    Mod tools for Black Ops 3 announced!

    dogface1983 Yesterday, 14:44 Go to last post

    yeah still play a little, you have an IP for that server? so that would be about 3 or 4 pm my time i think.... one to many bongs

    CoD survivors

    dogface1983 Yesterday, 14:42 Go to last post

    Hey there
    we survived the modern cod saga and we're still playing cod4
    for those interested, we're playing in a league with some friends

    CoD survivors

    Rullo Yesterday, 09:04 Go to last post

    DXT5 and generate mip maps, make sure when you convert it back you are not changing the original file name in anyway.

    how do i change an image in a map? like on a billboard...

    JeWBaG. May 22nd, 2016, 09:40 Go to last post
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