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    I don't recall anything on the OW forums that will guide you through how to actually add weapons. I'm assuming you want to add WAW weapons to a cod4 mod?

    open warfare forums?

    BU|D-ToX Yesterday, 22:35 Go to last post

    And you see my problem. I can't read through the posts I need to.
    I'm specifically interested in british weapons for my mod,the sten,Lee enfield,Bren.

    open warfare forums?

    hulka Yesterday, 16:31 Go to last post

    Tito has released a lot of Bo2 guns there bud and i released my ghosts p266 sigma there to. enjoy

    open warfare forums?

    {OSG}Brodie Yesterday, 14:23 Go to last post

    Ah,ok. I'm doing as much research as I can about adding/porting weapons for my mod. I'm finding alot of pertinent posts from openwarfare I cant read,

    open warfare forums?

    hulka Yesterday, 11:28 Go to last post

    i am an active member bud and it has been a bit quiet lately as always this time of year the owner io believe is away atm so be patient

    open warfare forums?

    {OSG}Brodie Yesterday, 09:12 Go to last post
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